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About Me

Kirk S. Lundgren

I'm a 37 year old, 1999 graduate of Delphos Jefferson Senior High School. I graduated from The Ohio State University with my degree in Psychology & English. In my younger years I had quite an interesting work life, holding countless different jobs doing everything from exotic animal handling to bartending to delivery jobs and back to restaurant management. I'm the epitome of a "Jack-of-All-Trades." Through all this I have always felt like I wasn't following my true calling. I have thousands of pictures of friends, family, vacations, road side attractions and memories. I have nearly two decades of photo editing experience. I've always loved doing this! Thank you to all my customers, who continuously keep telling me that THIS is what I should be doing!

“Were I to write out one prescription designed to help alleviate at least some of the self-made miseries of mankind, it would read like this: One gentle dose of starlight to be taken each clear night, just before retiring,”

— Leslie Peltier, Amateur Astronomer and close friend of Oliver Lundgren 

Pictured Above:

Parents David & Lynn Lundgren, Group photo is Grandparents Oliver & Jeanette and children David & Susan


Kirk Lundgren is a classically trained, 3rd generation photographer who mixes the mastery of film photography with the advancements of modern, digital photography.

He grew up with a camera in his hand, learning the craft of photography at a young age in his father's dark room, on Saturdays helping with weddings, and setting up studio lighting for seniors and family pictures. This knowledge was passed onto him in his father's business, Studio 628, in Delphos, OH.

Grandpa Oliver S. Lundgren learned photography during his military service in WWII, knowledge which he used to create a very successful and recognized career as a photographer. Kirk's father David, was in turn raised in a studio, learning the art of photography at an early age, just like Kirk.

Photography isn't just a job for Kirk Lundgren. It's a family tradition of excellence, expertise, professionalism and an undying commitment to customers that spans nearly 80 years of service in the surrounding areas!


My work focuses on nearly all avenues of digital photography. Whether it's a 300 guest wedding, a mini session for a new born baby or a beautiful HDR landscape shot, my expertise spans the diversity of my client's needs.  

I challenge myself everyday to learn something new. I explore new software, read endlessly about cameras, lighting and lenses, and I'm humble enough to know that there is never an end to my quest of learning. 

Expertise comes from knowledge, experience, passion, creativity, exploration and constant improvement. Not only is this how I approach all my work in photography, these are also the core components of my daily life, and my customers can be confident that any service I provide will reflect my commitment to their needs and my constant desire to be a master of my craft. 

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